Tuesday, 25 September 2018

French Reading à la maison

Grade 3's: 
1- Students should be practicing "le cahier de lecture" at home on a regular basis (at least 3 days/week). Please initial the page each day it has been practiced. This will GREATLY support work done at school. 
2- Please take time to read the French book from our school library. We will be taking out a new book every 2nd FRIDAY.
3- There are French books online on my school blog: www.madamegoold.blogspot.com

Grade 5's: 
1- Students should spend 20 minutes Monday-Friday to read French at home. We have French library books now so this could be one of the books to read. 
2- There are also French books online on my blog: www.madamegoold.blogspot.com

Mme Goold

Monday, 17 September 2018

Gr 3 French and Gr. 5 French Immersion 2018

Welcome to my French blog! Here you will find useful links to games, books and videos that you can use to practise French skills at school and at home. Looking forward to a great year "en français"!  Merci!😊😊  Mme Goold 

Friday, 4 May 2018

Pioneer Life!

We have started to learn about life in the 1800's. The students seem very interested in how children used to live. We will be learning a lot of new vocabulary in this unit so please make sure to review "le cahier" in order to be better prepared to learn in class. 
We will be starting to work in centres next week.  Looking forward to a fun unit!  (P.S.  We will end our unit with a PIONEER DAY!!)

Mme Goold

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

This Week's Reading in "le cahier"

Bonjour!  Please follow along as you watch this video of me reading
"Les autochtones en Ontario: 500 ans passes:

Mme Goold

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Presentations & New Theme in Social Studies

I was so pleased to see the effort put into the family presentations this week!  Thank you for all the hard work given the short amount of time given to prepare! Students were given an opportunity to give feedback to their peers based on the criteria we discussed.

Next week, we'll begin our new theme in Social Studies: LIFE IN THE 1800's.  We will begin investigating life when the Aboriginals were the first inhabitants of Canada. This will lead to European settlement and the resulting consequences of contact with the Aboriginals (ie. conflict/cooperation). Learning about PIONEER LIFE has always been a favourite for my Grade 3's so I look forward to a fun unit! 

Mme Goold
Life in the 1800's

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Ma famille- BRING IN PHOTO

Bonjour! I'm so happy to be back at school again! I did not send any work home in "le cahier" this week but I would like every student to please bring in a photo of his/her family (or post a picture on Seesaaw) by FRIDAY.
We will be creating and practising a presentation of our families to be presented next week.

Here are a few short videos that we are using in class to help us create our presentations:
1- Vidéo: La famille:

2- Chanson- La famille (Vocabulaire de la famille): 

3- Vidéo: Présenter la famille:


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Create an Olympic Mascot!

In this week's cahier, students are asked to create an Olympic mascot that represents Canada and the winter Olympics. They also need to give their mascot a name (Ma mascotte s'appelle...) and write in french, the type of animal that it is (Ma mascotte est un(e):...). Please click here to use "Word Reference" as a translator: Word Reference- French

IF he/she is able to, please complete the bottom 2 sections on the sheet (Ma mascotte a - "My mascot has"-describing 2 physical features, and Ma mascotte porte - "My mascot is wearing"). Please use last week's sheet on the winter sport equipment to complete what the mascot is wearing.

Mme Goold

Here is a cute video of this year's Olympic mascot in Pyeong Chang: